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Considering the wide variety of options available, it is advisable to discuss your specific needs with a knowledgeable IT consultant to avoid unnecessary time and expenditure, while accurately assesing your individual requirements. 

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  • Internet Security

Running a successful business today requires an Internet connection to the outside world; but as just about anyone can tell you, that essential connection also exposes your company to a world of security problems, liability risks and productivity distractions. Taming the Internet may be an impossible dream, but with proper planning and good advice, you can better protect your company from its less appealing characteristics.


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  • Web Presence

More and more businesses are considering hosting their websites on their own web servers to take advantage of a dedicated server (non-shared environment), unlimited content, storage, and databases, increased bandwidth, and complete control over their website investment.  Euroclydon can assist in designing a solution that is most suited to your company's individual requirements.   

Euroclydon Industries has more than a decade of experience in minimizing the intrusions and damage commonly affecting corporate networks through the world wide web. By using leading technology, traditional security solutions and employee education, Eurclydon Industries can keep your network functioning strongly and efficiently while keeping your sensitive data safe. 

  • Email (In-house Exchange Server)

Most organizations make the best use of the available technology to improve their operations. Looking at the needs of the organizations to have an efficient email platform, Microsoft introduced Exchange Server in 1996. Since it met with a huge success, many versions followed.


The latest version was launched in 2010. This email platform consists of email servers along with software to receive and send emails. Besides email, it also helps in data sharing through computer and other hand held communication devices like iPhone, Blackberry and PDAs. Investing in your own in-house exchange server gives your company greater control, security, and flexibility for this all-important mode of communication and organization.


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